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Chatmod Applications
« on: June 11, 2012, 08:26:45 PM »
This is the application to becoming a chatango mod. Send you applications to [email protected]

Know that by filling this out you aren't promised the position, and we're not handing it out to everyone.

By applying as chat mod, you are aware you have to be objective as possible, and you need to have thick skin. People will get mad at you and try to troll you, at times the whole chat might be against you, but you have to stay well under the pressure.

When the need arises, we'll look over more apps for moderators. Best of luck!

Please fill out below information:

1. Twitch Name:
2. Time you're most active:
3. Past moderating experience and where (If Applicable)
4. Choose one rule and explain why you think it was implemented as a rule.
5. What qualifies you as a good chat moderator?
6. Knowing your qualifications, what differentiates you from the other applicants and why should we choose you to be an IG Chat Moderator?
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