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DocTabasco Plays La-Mulana: Boss Kill Random Raffles
« on: July 17, 2017, 03:50:34 PM »
DocTabasco's La-Mulana Random Raffles
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So, I'm playing La-Mulana now.  I have 18 gifts in my Steam inventory.  Let's do something interesting.

Every boss (defined by needing to use a red jewel at an ankh to fight them) that I kill will trigger a raffle for a randomly-selected gift from my Steam inventory.  A random number generator will be used to determine which game will be up for grabs.  Raffles will be open to enter for one hour.  Three entrants will be drawn for each raffle.  If the gift is not claimed within one day or before the next La-Mulana stream (whichever is first,) the second name will have the same time period to claim the prize, and so forth with the third name.  If the prize is not claimed within the claim period, it will be forfeit and become available for future raffles.

I have relaxed my restriction on giving me hints, because i'm fucking lost. However, I'd appreciate it if you don't hold my hand; just tell me what direction to go and I should be able to figure out the rest.

Gifts up for grabs:
Beyond Good and Evil
Borderlands 2 GOTY
CYAN Complete 2012 (Myst: MAsterpiece Edition, realMYST, Riven, URU, Myst V, Cosmic OSmo, The Manhole, Spelunx
Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut
Dreamfall Chapters
Evil Genius
Grand Pigeon's Duty
Hatoful Boyfriend
Left 4 Dead 2
Saints Row Ultimate Franchise Pack (pretty much all of it)
Sanctum 2 (3 individual gifts)
See No Evil

As you can see, some of these are really good, and others not so much. It is in everyone's interest to trigger as many raffles as possible.

Bosses down: Amphisbaena, Sakit, Ellmac, Bahamut,
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